Dropping-In / Getting Involved
How to Participate

If you are interested in attending a photo walk, moon workshop or teen class, payment can be made in the following ways.

Drop-In - $25

You can pay for a class or workshop using PayPal. Please select the course you would like to attend.

There are currently no upcoming events requiring payment.
Answers to Questions You Might Have
How Do I Join The Club?
Get on our mailing list then start participating in our events!
What is a Drop-In?
A Drop-in is pretty much what it sounds like. You just show up to a class and either pay at the door, or you can use this page to pay via PayPal.
Where do I Drop-In?
We typically meet at my studio (18603 Sandy Rd., in Castro Valley), and then carpool to the location. Some people prefer to just show up at the location. Because of the nature of outdoor photography (pun intended), times and locations are subject to change. As such, I send out an email with the time and location prior to each event.
If I pay via PayPal, how will you know that I paid when I show up?
Once your payment goes through, PayPal sends me a notification that contains both your name and email address. I will contact you with location details prior to the event.
What happens if I pay for a Drop-In but can't make it?
Paying for a Drop-In does not bind you to any particular class or date. Show up when you are willing and able. I will credit you for a future class.
What if I have a question not answered here?
Contact me! .. silly!